Friday, February 24, 2012

Anniversary day

Today makes 15 years since I started working at Intel. Coincidentally, it also makes 20 years for me in the technology industry (post undergrad).

I worked on my first embedded systems project 20 years ago, converting an embedded control system from assembly to C. And during the last 12 years on the EFI project, work has included converting a PC/AT BIOS ecosystem largely written in 16-bit assembly to a C-based infrastructure based upon UEFI.

Crazy stuff.

I've heard that the half life of an engineer is 15 years. I look forward to where the journey takes me next.

It has been an interesting run thus far.



Nick said...

I've done a little poking on the subject of IPv6 and netboot. Currently, for v4, various technologies exist such as PXE. We have a PXE environment in the lab which QA makes extensive use of. It appears that for IPv6, Intel has changed things up and said that it needs to be implemented in UEFI bios.

Do you know anything about this (confirm/deny)? If true, do you know which vendors (if any) offer UEFI bios capable of IPv6 netbooting?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Vincent...

This is Abdul Bailey