Saturday, August 4, 2012

A recent whitepaper posted and an upcoming talk

A Tour Beyond BIOS into UEFI Secure Boot at the download location was recently posted.    My co-author Lee Rosenbaum and I provide a integrity model for an extensible pre-OS that motivates UEFI Secure Boot

along with a review of the implementation at   I provide an overview of some of the material in the paper at the toorcamp talk next Thursday near Neah Bay.

Roy Hopkins of Intel/McAfee and I will be presenting Intel and McAfee: Hardening and Harnessing the Secure Platform on Tuesday, September 11, at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, CA. The topics will include:

-UEFI and Platform Initialization (PI) security overview
-Hardening the platform and development assurance practices
-Introducing McAfee* Endpoint Encryption
-Value proposition of a secured preboot
-Maintain the chain of trust.

I look forward to meeting people in SF next month.

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