Wednesday, July 4, 2012

UEFI 2.3.1 Errata C, and more

A few things have happened recently.

These include the publication of errata C of the UEFI2.3.1 specification at    One interesting update in that document includes support for network booting additional architecture types.   See "Processor Architecture Types" at  Notable additions in that list include PowerPC and ARM64, along with reconciling some earlier conflicts between the UEFI specification and early RFC's.   This update, along with, allows for rich network bootstrap opportunities.

In addition to the UEFI and IETF updates, a YouTube video of "Security & Personal Computing" was just posted to the intelchannel at   In this talk I provide a broad overview of some the efforts underway in the industry around platform protection.

On that same topic, my presentation proposal for ToorCamp 2012 was accepted.   The entire schedule of talks can be found at  Dan "I broke DNS" Kaminsky is speaking that same day, and the speaker immediately prior to my talk will discuss hacking measured and UEFI secure boot.   It should be interesting.