Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Anniversary Day .Next .Next

Yesterday makes seventeen years since I started work at Intel. I broke my tradition of blogging on the anniversary day itself given my older age (i.e., I fell asleep before hitting the 'post' button). Given my last blog and retrospective view of firmware, I don't want to make yet another trek down memory lane.

For this quick blog, I want to begin with a recollection of how interesting the trip has been, including being a recent hire when Andy Grove was voted Time's "Man of the Year." We were all given copies of the magazine article, and I naively put mine into an inter-office envelope with a message for Grove to 'please autograph this copy for me.' To my surprise, I received the below back in the mail a few weeks later. Even given a company with 70,000 at the time the CEO took the time to make this small gesture for an employee. Quite exciting.

I hired into the DuPont, Washington Intel site on February 24, 1997. Fast forward from 1997 to 2014, and I am still saying 'good night' to the same campus.
Regrettably, the site is being sold and my software group has to relocate. So if I am still posting this same blog in late February on 'anniversary day,' I'll be at an alternate Intel site, maybe South Seattle?

Every year provides surprises like this, so I look forward to posting new year and whatever surprises the intervening twelve months have to present.