Saturday, December 16, 2023

Hacking in the southern hemisphere

Last week I had the opportunity to visit for the Hackers 2 Hackers Conference


I was invited to give a keynote on UEFI security

This is only the 2nd public keynote I have given in my career. The first was back in 2018 The latter treated open source, whereas this one predominately covered security but with a taste of open source weaved in.

I was humbled to be in the presence of so many impactful speakers A taste of other researcher talks can be found in the h2h mention at, including the follow-up blog post

My topic 


visited some familiar themes but also included a snapshot of the latest work in mitigations

I was impressed also with the BIOS hacking room where folks like


were writing BIOS, debuggers, and other low-level bits from scratch. One of the students brought out and inquired about other learning resources. I realized I have been remiss in refreshing pages like

As always, the 'hallway track' is the most engaging aspect of the conference. Therein I happened to meet some local firmware security engineers

 and signed a copy of the firmware security book that they were using at the university


The city was an interesting study in contradictions. Immediately in front of the hotel I was treated to the scene


 And nearby in one direction

Whereas a short walk in the other direction yielded a modern mall with high-end stores

And of course long lay-overs and flights provide an opportunity to think of some of my favorite philosophers, such as Alan Watts.

Interesting stuff.