Tuesday, September 6, 2022

New milestones

 A year ago I commented on co-workers and patent achievements http://vzimmer.blogspot.com/2021/07/patents-and-co-inventors.html. One aspect of that note included https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_prolific_inventors and its new metric of 'patents / year', or what I'd call 'patent velocity.' Let's call it Vp. And of course it's a marathon, not a sprint. As such, the other interesting metric from the latter link is the 'patent years.' So doing basic calculus we can compute the integral of Vp over 'patent years' to yield Xp, or 'total patents.'

And it's that Xp that is interesting. From a 2003 posting by Tom Dunlap https://intelretiree.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Tom-Dunlap-LAI.pdf which included the following snippet:

On the list you'll see some of the prolific inventors on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_prolific_inventors. Most are still with Intel AFAIK, too. 

And from the list you can at least track US issue milestones.

  • Chau was the first to 100 US patents in November 2006
  • Chau was then the first to 200 US patents in March 2010
  • Zimmer was first to 300 in July 2014 w/ Chau a close second to 300 in October 2014
  • Chau was the first to 400 in October 2017
  • And as of this week, Jack is first to 500 in September 2022
            Results of Search in US Patent Collection db for:
            (APT/1 AND IN/Kavalieros-Jack$)
: 500 patents.
            Hits 1 through 50 out of 500

Nice to see that the IP leaders Robert and Jack https://spectrum.ieee.org/2021-inventor-of-the-year are keeping Moore's Law alive in components research https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/newsroom/news/where-tomorrow-begins-intels-components-research-labs.html#gs.bgt8t0. Good times.