Friday, December 4, 2009

Good reading on firmware & UEFI

I just wanted to provide some background material on the work I do in firmware, namely UEFI-based technology.

A good place to start is a chapter I co-authored w/ colleagues at Intel in the Springer book Hardware-Dependent Software at; this provides a basic overview of the machine boot flow, UEFI, PI. In addition, the same set of authors published a book with Intel Press "Beyond BIOS" which has a more detail at Part of the work at UEFI of late has included bringing in the UEFI Shell, and we have a soon-to-be-released book at with the same authorsplus Tim Lewis from Phoenix.

These readings, along with the specifications at and reference implementation at, should provide a good starting point on the UEFI adventure.

Other recent material that treats on more specific topics, like UEFI and trusted computing technology, can be found at This is material I provided with IBM co-authors to complement our Spring Intel Developer Forum (IDF) presentation. And a similar whitepaper-style reading authored by by Intel and HP engineers that treats the evolution of UEFI and networking technology can be found at

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