Thursday, December 22, 2011

Windows 8 Hardware Certification Requirements

Check out the document windows8-hardware-cert-requirements-system.pdf, which can be downloaded from The platform builders often refer to these as 'logo requirements.'

The document includes details on UEFI network boot on IPV4 and IPV6 under System.Fundamentals.PXE.PXEBoot, along with more information on implementing UEFI secure boot under System.Fundamentals.Firmware.UEFISecureBoot and measured boot under System.Fundamentals.TrustedPlatformModule.TPMRequirements.

The matter includes guidance that complements the UEFI2.3.1a specification, IETF RFC's (such as RFC5970 on IPV6 network boot), and other industry standards, for purposes of describing how to build a UEFI platform for this class of operating system.

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