Saturday, March 30, 2024

A legend passes

Sad to see the news about Ross Anderson passing 

Like many I was inspired and informed by his various editions of the "Security Engineering" book I also explored the domain via papers like that I referenced in I also cull wisdom from papers like since having worked on the boundary of software and hardware for so long, sometimes errant hardware or firmware is truly an embodiment of 'Satan's Computer.'

My small interaction with Prof Anderson was during the writing of


 My co-author and I reached out to see if Anderson would write a forward, with the below response

Luckily we did get a very insightful write-up

from Leendert Van Doorn

This was an ironic pairing in retrospect seeing Anderson's critiques of Trusted Computing and Leendert's contemporary contributions to that domain, respectively. Having these titans both critique and build a domain, like TCPA (now TCG Trusted Platforms Modules, represent a healthy aspect of technology evolution in my view. Differing views make any technology stronger, versus groupthink & homogeneity of thought.

 Sad times for the security community, though, with the loss of a legend.

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